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Curriculum Implementation for Music


  • At Shustoke, we make use of the online musical resource Charanga for delivery of music across the school in line with the model music curriculum.
  • Charanga planning is used by teachers to drive children’s development within music. Every year group will build upon the learning from prior year groups therefore developing depth of understanding and progression of skills. This serves as a base to aid and enhance our teaching, but is not intended to be rigidly adhered to. Teachers should make professional judgements about when to adapt, miss out or add additional materials where this would benefit learning.
  • Lessons provide opportunities for children to develop practical skills and progress by listening and appraising, singing, playing, composing, and performing.
  • We promote an enjoyment and foster interest of music through regular singing practice, opportunities to perform e.g. school performances and experiences like 'Young Voices' and 'Warwickshire Sings!'
  • Children are given the opportunity to listen to a range of music through various in and out of school opportunities.
  • Weekly Ukulele lessons are planned for the children in Years 3 and 4 through 'Upbeat' as are individual instrumental lessons for violin and guitar.
  • Throughout the year, performances take place within various school activities and are integral to the school ethos.
  • Children will be encouraged to perform in Collective Worship whenever performances are ready to be heard.
  • Charanga can be supplemented by the subject leader and the teacher’s own input to match and compliment the creative curriculum. The scheme also provides the necessary details, activities, accompaniments and recordings to support our music teaching.
  • Music skills and skills progression are monitored through Charanga, as is the delivery of music.
  • We have a range of music equipment and resources that can easily be moved around the school.

  • The school class set of iPads have music apps installed.
  • Access to Charanga resources is available to all staff as are opportunities for staff CPD.
  • We have access to music through Spotify and CDs.