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Curriculum Implementation of Design Technology


  • At Shustoke School every year group has two directed units of Design Technology over the year. 
  • We have a skills-based approach to teaching and Design Technology learning using objectives taken from the National Curriculum.
  • Our Design Technology curriculum is structured in a cross-curricular way to facilitate links with other subjects such as history, geography and science.
  • All teaching of Design Technology follows the design, make and evaluate cycle. Each of these stages are rooted in technical knowledge and vocabulary.
  • Beginning with the purpose of a product for a user, the children are encouraged to use the exploration of existing products to gain first-hand experience of existing approaches. We aim to promote creative problem solvers, both as individuals and part of a team and pupils develop their understanding of the ways in which people in the past and present have used design to meet their needs.
  • Children design and make quality products using a range of tools, materials, and components, make connections with their learning across the curriculum including in maths, computing, science, and art and reflect on and evaluate techniques using subject-specific vocabulary.
  • Teachers follow a clear progression of skills which ensure all pupils are challenged in - line with their year group expectations and given the opportunity to build on their prior knowledge.
  • Effective CPD and standardisation opportunities are available to staff to ensure high levels of confidence and knowledge are maintained.
  • To support teaching, staff access a range of resources. Outside professionals are sourced to support the delivery of our Design Technology curriculum.