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Growing Hope

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Our beautiful daffodils have begun to bloom on the school field. The whole school planted them earlier this year as a sign of hope. What are you hopeful for?

Our Visit to Birmingham Cathedral


The junior members of Worship Council recently visited Birmingham Cathedral with Miss Evans. Whilst there, we had a tour of the Cathedral and its grounds. We found out lots of interesting facts about the building and many of the religious symbols and important artefacts inside.


Outside the Cathedral



Growing Hope


Inspired by an event at Birmingham Cathedral, Worship Council decided they would like the school to plant daffodils. Each pupil planted a daffodil on the school field as a symbol of hope, which will grow in the Spring. We talked about the things that we are hopeful for this year and are looking forward to seeing the daffodils!

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Worship Council Members 2016-17


Year 1 - Hayden

Year 2 - Evie

Year 3 - Sam

Year 4 - Sophie

Year 5 - David

Year 6 - Stephen