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Curriculum Challenges week beginning 15th June

Hello Year 5

We've certainly had some exciting weather this week with all of thunder and lightning! I've added an extra task below you could look at to find out more about storms. 

Enjoy smiley

Curriculum Challenges

Have you tried the Science experiment from Miss Mews yet? I wonder which biscuit will be the best. All the information you need is on this page.

This week I've uploaded a Geography challenge for you to try, which is all about using your map skills. Perhaps you could even test them out when you go for a walk! 

The Art challenge is about Wasilly Kandinsky, who used colour and shapes in an interesting way in his paintings. 

Remember you can send any photographs or work to shustokelearning@welearn365.com (FAO Miss Evans). It's lovely to see what you have been doing at home smiley


Hello Year 5 smiley

Have you ever carried out the biscuit dunking experiment? This experiment is perfect for introducing children to the scientific method – plus it’s great fun too!

Fun Science want to find out once and for all which the best biscuit is for dunking into a nice cool glass of milk and they need your help. They want children across the country to all take part in one GIANT biscuit dunking experiment and they will be collating the results.


All you will need for this experiment is three different types of biscuit (any brand), a glass/mug and some water.

Parents can click here to download our free teachers/parents guide.

You can then download the
KS2 Worksheet and table of results

Click here to access the Youtube video and dunk along with Chemical Cress!

Once you have completed the biscuit dunking experiment, click here to fill in a simple form and send them your results. They will be collating results on the 8th July 2020 so you have plenty of time to send yours in. They will then be releasing their results so that children really feel that they are part of a real scientific experiment.

Have fun

Miss Mews smiley