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Friday 19th June

Friday 19th June 

Good Morning Year 5 laugh

Today I have set up a girls vs. boys challenge on TT Rockstars. It's open for a week from today, so log on and see how many points you can score! 

Your Maths work today is all about square numbers. If you complete that then you can try the White Rose Friday Challenge. Questions 1 - 5 are most suitable for Year 5, but see how far you can get!

Your English task is to write the persuasive advert for the school you have designed. Remember to use the different techniques you have worked on this week. You can use the School of Wizardry advert from Monday to help you structure your work. You should include:

  • persuasive questions
  • weasel words (boastful and positive adjectives)
  • persuasive phrases
  • imperative (bossy) verbs
  • alliteration 

How persuasive can you be? I am sure you've got some fantastic ideas. I'd love to read them! Don't forget you can send your work to shustokelearning@welearn365.com (FAO Miss Evans)

BBC Bitesize also have a very useful e-safety lesson today called 'How do you know if you can trust a website?' Follow the link below to take a look. 


Have a great weekend smiley

Miss Evans