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Recommended Reading and Reading for Pleasure

At Shustoke, we use a range of approaches to encourage our children to read for pleasure.

  • Children have opportunities to read every day.
  • When choosing books to take home, children are able to select at least one of their books themselves from an appropriate selection.
  • Children are gifted with a book as part of their induction pack in Reception. Books are frequently used as gifts, prizes and rewards. Children who are gifted books are able to participate in activities over the summer, and then continue learning about the story when they start school or return to school.
  • Each classroom has a selection of varied reading materials, as well as an area for recommending books to friends.
  • Reading events take place through the year, such as World Book Day Celebrations, Nursery Rhyme week, Poetry Weeks, author studies, The Summer Reading Challenge and Roald Dahl Day.
  • Children are read to every day.
  • We run Reading Clubs.  
  • Children are able to select and purchase books with their family through the Scholastic Book Fair and Scholastic Book Sale Magazines.
  • Book talk is valued at Shustoke, and a part of shared and guided reading sessions involves engaging in discussion.
  • Children in Reception Class are able to cast a vote for their favourite book during a shared reading session.

Reading is at the heart of our school curriculum, but we also recognise that reading at home is vitally important for children's development and reading enjoyment.

In this section you will find recommended reading books for different age groups. You will also find information about how to apply for a Warwickshire Library Card and lots of useful websites relating to reading and choosing reading books.