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“Here at Shustoke, our intention is that every pupil, irrelevant of needs, develops such a passion for Science that they harness their natural excitement and curiosity and in turn this inspires them to pursue scientific enquiry. We wish that every child is excited by scientific ideas and wants to learn to explain and analyse phenomena, make predictions and solve problems.


Through Science, we aim to support this philosophy by

• investigating problems

• learning how science works

• discovering why science matters in the world

• enabling children to build up a body of key knowledge and an understanding of key scientific concepts through investigation

• enabling children to apply their scientific understanding to rationalise and explain new phenomena

• developing a sense of excitement and curiosity about science and natural phenomena.


At our school we know that children learn best when the curriculum is well sequenced to enable revisiting of core knowledge, skills and understanding to deepen conceptual awareness before demanding application across the whole curriculum.

Our Long Term Plans outline how the knowledge, understanding and key skills are developed, revisited, assessed and built upon from the learning in EYFS then during Year 1 to Year 6.”