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Thursday 11th June

Thursday 11th June 

Good Morning Year 5 laugh

I'm so pleased to see you are enjoying the new English challenge - I have seen some fantastic wizard top trumps cards! You are very creative. Today's work is some comprehension questions about the Wizard school text, which is in the introduction booklet from Monday. 

Your Maths work is about reading information in a two way table. Remember there are some extra Maths activities further down the page if you're looking for another challenge!

The BBC bitesize website has a lesson on reversible and irreversible changes today, which we looked at in our Mixtures and Reactions unit. Follow the link and see what you can remember.


The Authorfy website also has some excellent 10 minute challenges from lots of different authors and illustrators. A new one is added each day. I think you'll really enjoy the Abi Elphinstone video as she talks about creating your own world-crossing moment - similar to the Pevensie children going in to Narnia. Take a look by clicking the link below. 


Have a super day and keep up the hard work smiley

Miss Evans