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Thursday 18th June

Thursday 18th June

Good Morning Year 5 laugh

Have you seen the storms this week? There has been some amazing lightning! I've added a powerpoint about thunderstorms to the curriculum challenges page you might like to look at. 

Today your English task is to plan the advert for your school. Think carefully about what type of school you have designed. Is it a cooking school? A football school? Perhaps it's a school for dragons! 

Remember the persuasive techniques you have worked on this week and think about how you might use them in your school advert.

You can choose for Maths again. On this page there is some work about Prime Numbers. This link might help you with it. 


Or you the White Rose videos are continuing with adding decimal numbers. 

The BBC Bitesize also has a lesson today about building your own structures, which looks interesting!


Have a lovely day smiley

Miss Evans