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Tuesday 23rd June

Tuesday 23rd June 

Good Morning Year 5 laugh

Did you know that last Saturday was the Summer Solstice? This means it was the day with the longest hours of sunlight in the year. Can you remember why we have different hours of sunlight at different times in the year? Where in the world has more hours of sunlight than us at this time of year? Perhaps you could do some research.

Your English task today continues with the newspaper theme. This time it is looking at quotes. A quote is when you write down what somebody has said. Make sure you look closely at the example and be careful with your punctuation. 

Maths today is about multiples of 10, 100 or 1000. If you are following the White Rose catch up, there is some more work on subtracting decimal numbers. 


I hope you are enjoying your history project about the Shang Dynasty.

Have a great day smiley

Miss Evans