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Wednesday 1st July

Wednesday 1st July 

Good Morning Year 5 laugh

Today you have you some creative tasks for English. You will need to study the map carefully to decide where the Cave Elves would most like to live and then create a menu for them using the information in the text to help you. I look forward to hearing about the delicious meals you create! 

There is also a new set of spellings for this week. 

Your Maths work is continuing with angles. Today is about calculating missing angles on a straight line and you won't need a protractor. Remember to watch the White Rose video to help you. 

Mr Finn has also put up the link to this week's Virtual School Games, which has an Olympics theme. There are four exciting activities for you to try! You can send photographs of your work or any activities you do to shustokelearning@welearn365.com (FAO Miss Evans). It's always nice to see what you have been up to. 

Have a great day smiley

Miss Evans